PhD Yadira Álvarez Betancourt

PhD in Educational Sciences and Master in Special Education, she graduated in Special Education from the Enrique José Varona University of Pedagogical Sciences (UCPEJV, Spanish acronym). Her work experience has been in the training of emergent teachers, in diagnosis and attention to children with affective-behavioral disorders, with autism syndrome spectrum, with intellectual disability and in university (UCPEJV) and postgraduate education. At present she works as specialist in psychological and sociological attention. She participates in relevant academic activities (academic committees, invited professor at universities, member of editorial boards, etc) Publications: (all in Spanish):

Understanding schools of affective-behavioral disorders as resource and support centers. Revista IPLAC, #2 ISSN: 1993-6850, (March-April 2011), Cuba.

Reflections on an educational model of prevention and attention to students with affective and behavior disorders. Revista IPLAC #3 ISSN: 1993-6850 (May-June 2011), Cuba.

Theoretical methodological reflections on an educational model for students with affective and behavior disorders. Results of their implementation. Sello Editorial Educación Cubana, Dirección de Ciencia y Técnica, 2009, Cuba. ISBN 987-959-18-0452-5

Strategy for prevention of affective-behavioral disorders in primary education. (pp59-67) Revista Varona (#53/2011) ISSN 0864-196X (on paper) ISSN 1992-8238 (digital)