The Cuban Multidisciplinary Society for the Study of Sexuality ( SOCUMES ) is a national association that groups within it all the professionals that willingly perform their work in one of the scientific disciplines related to the study of human sexuality .
Its main objectives are:
Contributing to the development of science that investigates and participates in the scientific development of sexology in Cuba and supporting through the relevant organizations the scientific – research policy oriented in this regard by the Cuban State.
Help Cuba to become a powerful country in the development of scientific knowledge about sexuality, through a gender approach that promotes the exercise of sexual rights through scientific and administrative policy of full compliance of its functions and duties.
To foster a close relationship between SOCUMES professionals and other national and international institutions, in order to make possible the development of theoretical, methodological and Care conceptions in the study areas of sexuality.
Help to develop educational strategies in the area of sexuality that benefit populations and human resources from different national and international scientific disciplines.
Advise to researchers, companies, institutions and organizations, nationally and internationally on the sexuality study areas in coordination with the authority relationship.
To this end, SOCUMES complies tasks such as:
Promoting, sponsoring, organizing and developing scientific events of national and international character, specially the holding of scientific activities that contribute with the usual behavior of scientific congresses in the SOCUMES, as well as the participation in international events.
To develop necessary mechanisms of information and advocacy among SOCUMES’s professionals, in order to foster the links, update and exchanges between its members and other institutions and scientific societies.
To promote the creation of councils or groups of temporary or permanent scientific work, for counseling whenever it will be required to the scientific and academic, assistance and research structures.
To promote national science competitions related to the theme and to award prizes and honorable mentions to researchers for their scientific work and the relevance of their contributions in the field of sexuality.
Sections scientific SOCUMES:
1. Pedagogy of Sexuality
2. Sexual medicine
3. Sexual diversity
4. Masculinities
5. Sexual Health and Sexual Rights
6. Disability
7. Violence
8. Nomenclature