Departments and Services

Departments and services

Legal Section:


1. Guarantees CENESEX compliance with socialist law, besides fulfillment of the guidelines and tasks oriented by the legal advising unit of the body to which the entity is subordinated;

2. Advises the direction, on application of laws, resolutions, regulations and other legal dispositions, once they are passed, issued by the State and Public Health Ministry;

3. Drafts or participates in the preparation of all legal documents of interest for better development of the entity’s activities in accordance with the authority assigned and in correspondence with current legislation;

4. Advises the head of the entity and the authorized official regarding the application of corrective disciplinary measures to leaders, officials and workers;

5. Prepares or, if it is the case, passes judgment on economic contracts in which the entity participates, also participating in the discussion, harmonization and redaction of different type of legal agreements, as well as the elaboration of documents of legal character in which the entity participates;

6. Advises the head of the entity of detected irregularities , which may constitute violations of the law and indicates ensuing behavior in accordance with the current legislation;

7. Passes judgment on legal matters of the entity, in the corresponding cases, as well as establishes the correct regulation of legal matters;

8. Represents the chief and remaining leaders of the entity and defends its interests in matters concerning its functions before organs, bodies and remaining national and international entities;

9. Certifies, in corresponding cases, the documents issued by the head of the entity, officials and rest of the workers, contributing to the efficiency of the management of the entity and, if it is the case, to the strengthening of the economic calculations to achieve profitability;

10. Passes judgment or prepares, according to the case, administrative claims, and arbitration demands derived from contract non-fulfillment of which the entity forms part;

11. Proposes measures that contribute to the development of legal awareness of leaders, officials and remaining workers of the entity, as well proposes measures and participates in the preparation and execution of those adopted measures aimed at complying with socialist legality;

12. Makes known and applies the current legislation. Controls the use of the legislative collection of the entity and oversees its adequate preservation and update;

13. Gives legal advice service related to the CENESEX mission;

14. Represents the chief and the rest of the leaders of the entity and defends their interests in matters regarding exercise of their functions before organs, organizations and the rest of the national, foreign and international entities;

15. Advises the Director in all that concerns Intellectual Property and Copyright, involving the institution;

16. Provides academic services in the area of law related to Education and Health and Sexual Rights

17. Develops scientific research in the area of law related to Education, Health and Sexual Rights;

18. Participates in work commissions that require involvement of law specialists

19. Analyzes the current legal standards related with the activity carried out by the entity, proposes the modifications considered necessary to the corresponding higher levels of direction;

20. Executes other functions in the field of law that involve the basic functions and activities of the entity conferred by its structure, organization and attributions;

21. Develops Legal Orientation Services.

The legal section provides orientation in sexual rights matters.

Department of Social Communication and International Relations


1. Publicizes CENESEX activities;

2. Makes known and promotes scientific-assistance services, legal orientation, provided by CENESEX;

3. Discloses and promotes CENESEX training and sensitization services carried out in Cuba and other countries;

4. Discloses the results of CENESEX research at local, territorial, national and international levels;

5. Coordinates the design of informatics products and services with the Department of Informatics;

6. Publicizes and promotes CENESEX activities through national and foreign media;

7. Makes known and promotes the commercial policy of the CENESEX editorial house and its audiovisual production;

8. Organizes scientific and cultural events carried out by CENESEX, both national and international;

9. Designs, implements and evaluates the CENESEX educational strategy and its corresponding public benefit campaigns;

10. Carries out a social mobilizing and social communication function through which it informs the actions of the National Program of Sexual Education and Health (PRONESS, Spanish acronym);

11. Coordinates appearances and interviews of the CENESEX director, as well as other specialists, with different national and international press;

12. Receives, analyzes and follows up on the trip reports of CENESEX specialists and sends them to the International Relations Department of MINSAP (Ministry of Public Health, Spanish acronym) and other corresponding bodies and organizations;

13. Coordinates programmed visits to CENESEX of specialists, officials, national and international leaders with the subdirections and departments;

14. Coordinates CENESEX relations with other national and international entities related to its social object;

15. Ensures processing of the necessary and updated documentation for work trips of the CENESEX staff and collaborators at the service of CENESEX;

16. Publicizes scientific events on sexuality, carried out in Cuba and other countries, according to the intentions of MINSAP and CENESEX;

17. Coordinates and ensures attention to delegations and national and foreign personalities that visit CENESEX;

18. Follows up on agreements derived from the attention to delegations and national and foreign personalities;

19. Produces audiovisual means related to the activities of the institution;

20. Graphically designs products associated to the main activities of the institution;

21. Prepares, manages and evaluates the CENESEX editorial plan;

22. Publicizes the CENESEX editorial and communication products in Cuba and abroad by different means;

23. Participates as teacher in the center’s academic programs;

24. Carries out scientific research associated with research projects of the institution;

25. Keeps the CENESEX webpage updated;

26. Keeps and rationally distributes the printed and electronic editions of the journal Sexología y Sociedad;

27. Coordinates attention to students, specialists and personalities that join the CENESEX tasks;

28. Develops promotional activities of the center’s task at national and international levels as part of its mission;

29. Monitors and evaluates news on CENESEX both nationally and internationally;

30. Carries out impact studies of the CENESEX printed and audiovisual products and educational campaigns;

31. Organizes, coordinates and monitors participation of CENESEX specialists in the social networks.

Scientific Department


1. Designs, implements and evaluates training, sensitization and postgraduate educatiaon through courses, lectures, workshops, specialized events basic courses, diplomas, masters on sexuality carried out in Cuba and other countries;

2. Directs methodological and development work inherent to PRONES continuous education;

3. Coordinates the topics of sexual education in the update courses with medical and health specialties;

4. Develops counseling and tutorships to prepare teaching programs with national institutions and those of other countries;

5. Advises and controls the teaching-methodological work on education sexual health and sexual rights in the national territory;

6. Prepares and selects teaching literature for the courses in the different educational modalities at CENESEX;

7. Prepares educational programs for local and national television and radio;

8. Coordinates and evaluates the development of the institutional teaching-methodological strategy for implementing the National Program of Sexual Education and Health and the corresponding subprograms;

9. Designs, implements and controls development of teachers, researchers, and other workers in coordination with the Department of Human Resources;

10. Designs distance continuous education courses in coordination with the Department of Informatics;

11. Designs teaching means and publications in coordination with the Department of Informatics;

12. Plans and organizes the continuous education of the CENESEX personnel of interest for upgrading to master and doctor categories;

13. Contributes assessments and information for the teaching evaluations;

14. Directs the CDIC (Spanish acronym for Documentation and Scientific and Technical Information Center), which carries out the following functions;

a) Ensures information searches for the development of CENESEX activities

b) Advises service users on the location of information

c) Controls the documents received and their distribution

d) Guarantees preservation and safety of the CENESEX document collection

e) Ensures information flow from CENESEX to other centers and vice versa

f) Assures functioning of CDICT informatics management

g) Ensures document preservation and restoration

h) Digitalizes literature existing in CENESEX

i) Guarantees, together with the CENESEX Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, resources for the development of activities that require interactive platforms and the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies)

15. Coordinates PRONESS activities

16. Advises, monitors and evaluates the implementation of the specific PRONESS and PROCUSS programs

17. Provides counseling to the Central State Administration Bodies for cross sectioning of sexuality education, sexual health and sexual rights in the local and territorial development strategies

18. Coordinates the work of the sexology and sexuality education cathedras of the universities and other institutions throughout the country

19. Advises PRONES work of the provincial and municipal work groups in provinces and municipalities of the country;

20. Coordinates, executes and evaluates formation of activists and activities corresponding to the area of CENESEX social-community networks

21. Plans, organizes and implements the carrying out of counseling, tutorships and consultancies to organizations, institutions and groups on topics of sexuality education, sexual health and sexual rights

22. Teaches in CENESEX academic programs regarding the topic of Local Community Development

23. Carries out scientific research according to CENESEX research lines

Scientific-assistance services:

Scientific services:

• Tutorships for research on sexual education, sexual health and sexual rights

• Design and evaluation of projects and, scientific-technical programs on sexual education, sexual health and sexual rights

• Consultancies on integral sexuality education, sexual health and sexual rights

Academic services:

• Postgraduate teaching on topics of sexual education, sexual health and sexual rights

• Courses, workshops and trainings demanded by persons and national and foreign institutions

• Evaluation of academic programs concerning sexual education, sexual health and sexual rights

Services provided by the Documentation and Scientific-Technical Information Center (CDICT, Spanish acronym):

• Has a documentary and digital collection specialized on sexuality and other related topics

• Provides scientific-technological information services, such as: consultations in the reading room, bibliographic searches, references and others; personally, by telephone (8382529 o 29 ext. 133) or email for health professionals or the general public

Sexual health services