At seeking the rights, the way is not to divide people, but to add them

Students, professors, activists and specialist from CENESEX debated about the need to create truly universal and inclusive conscious that sexual diversity should meet with other ways of being diverse like religion, color of the skin, etc., during the meeting this Tuesday at the Central University.

According to Ernesto Gómez Cangas, professor of the Humanity Faculty, no matter the group you are working with, not even LGBT people only, because it can result in a self-differentiation problem, and then the segregation from the society.

Dr. Mariela Castro Espín, in accordance with the young professor, said: “Since CENESEX began to deal with these issues, we tried to avoid the approach of re-victimizing segregating the problematic, a tendency that I have seen in other countries and other movements that advocate LGBT rights”.

“For instance, I remember in USA, pioneers in many of people battles, gay´s fights were guided by leaders of Marxists ideals that tried to link it with other civil freedom fights, guided by feminists and anti-racial movements”.

“Discrimination and exclusion forms are all related to and it is a power exercise of one group over another”.

To Manuel Vázquez Seijido MSc, the best will be not to emphasize on differences, but the dynamic of politics have demonstrated that is necessary, since many years ago, to pay attention to specific social groups that have been vulnerable historically.

He agreed with the principle of equality expressed in the Constitution of Cuba. “It is not to avoid it, but adding to those universal principles other elements that allow people to understand the particularities and needs of certain human groups”.

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