Felix Baez: I’ll be back, it could not be otherwise

At nearly two years old, the little Felix Luis does not understand why Dad was away from home so many days, and you’ll understand why will leave again. He will miss the safety of his arms when held and tenderness that permeates every kiss him.

But this Cuban boy one day know what he’s capable of doing a man who loves his chosen profession: saving lives. Then you know the story of Felix Baez Sarria, one of the doctors Brigade Henry Reeve International Contingent, who contracted the Ebola virus in fulfilling its mission in Sierra Leone, where together with other 255 companions departed to West Africa to fight this epidemic, the worst in history from the discovery of the disease in 1976.

And no doubt, you can proudly say: “That’s my father,” the same admiration they feel and feel the children and families of these men, who saw in helping the African people a duty to humanity.

This physician for 43 years, specializing in internal medicine, chatted with Granma. “I feel very well from the point of physically and emotionally, recovery has been good, I am resting, enjoying the company of family. And for more Fortunately, a few days of being in Cuba the news of the return to the Homeland of Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, “says lively.

Immediately Felix, who just minutes after arriving in Cuba -and after being hospitalized for several days because of virus- said firmly returning to Sierra Leone to finish what he started, he says: I’ll be back in the early days January .

So soon you ?, I inquire, and I’m surprised the accurate answer his wife, Vania Ferrer: “Of course, I know, and could not be otherwise; and we support his decision.

“That was the commitment, journalist, thence all returned safely and mission accomplished, because the contribution of Cuba to contain this epidemic is essential. I was always convinced that exceed this disease and I said to my companions, do not worry I return “says Felix.

His wife tells how to listen every day his voice kept confident and calm, and thanks to the health authorities continued concern, daily and transparent information on their status. Felix is a strong man,” he says with a translucent love and adds that “he always knew before going it was a risk, but I am a doctor too and understand our responsibility and what we can do to save lives.”

But Felix recalls his stay at the University Cantonal Hospital of Geneva and the wonderful care provided there. “I remember waking me and say, how do you feel ?, and what are you laughing? Do not worry, I feel good, answered them. It helped a lot warmth that gave me every doctors and nurses who treated me. “

He also said the countless signs of affection and support of an entire people and hundreds of people in the world to him and his family, who flooded the main digital spaces of the island and social networks like Twitter and Facebook. “Dr. Jorge Perez kept me aware of this solidarity,” he said, referring to the director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri, who accompanied him in Geneva.

But, he adds, these expressions of support, these tributes I have received not think themselves but of the recognition they deserve all our Cuban collaborators in Africa and in other countries around the world. The Cuban health professionals daily offer more than professionalism, love and affection. The palm of the hand on the shoulder of a sick sometimes helps more than any medicine.

(Taken from Granma)

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