Mariela Castro begins visit to Canada


Toronto, June 23, 2014. The Director of the Cuban National Center for Sexual Education, Mariela Castro Espín, began yesterday a visit to Canada at the invitation of solidarity groups with the Island, who came to the airport to welcome her.

The main objective of the visit of the Member of the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power is to participate in the Word Pride Human Rights Conference to be hold in this city next June 25 – 29.

The first event on the opening day was a conference organized by several left groups in Canada, as the People’s Voice, the Rainbow – Sea of Red Collective and the Queer Committee of the Communist Party of Canada in the premises of Steel Worker Union under the title “LGBTI Equality: Progress and challenges in a changing Cuba.”

The Cuban visitor offered to the more than 200 participants a broad overview of the history and current work of her Center as well as the challenges and progress of the Cuban Revolution in the search for the true emancipation of the Cuban society encompassing all its members.

During her speech, the audience repeatedly interrupted with standing ovations, which later were accompanied with heartfelt messages of support and solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and in particular to the work that the National Center for Sexual Education takes on the Island.

A highlight of the conference was dedicated to reiterate the commitment of the LGBTHI community in Cuba to the cause of the Five for which the renowned Cuban sexologist condemned once again the unjust trial against the Cuban Five and demanded their immediate release.

Congresswoman Mariela Castro today began a program of work in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, where she will hold meetings with parliamentarians and friends of solidarity with Cuba.

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