Activities against gender violence

Gender violence is a social, public health and human rights problem throughout the world.

The technical reports of the United Nations Agencies that address the problem are profuse in documenting violence against women as one of the most widespread forms of gender violence. However, violence against people with non- hegemonic sexualities or with dissident gender identities is little documented. The power devices of patriarchal societies exert an iron grip on bodies and sexualities to achieve the desired discipline according to cultural norms and contexts, which highlights the structural and symbolic nature of gender violence.

Although it is quite recent the claim from social movements to consider that violence towards the LGBTI populations is also inscribed in the so-called violence based on gender, as well as other social problems such as trafficking, prostitution, harassment in work settings, among others, the theoretical and political debates about gender violence are not new.

The National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), together with other Cuban institutions, joins the activities that are carried out to draw attention to gender violence in order to broaden the collective debate about the relevance of its prevention.

Main goals:

  • Strengthening action capacities of social actors and civil society against gender-based violence in different stages during the life from a perspective of human rights.
  • Promoting debate and construction of political agendas for a comprehensive and integrated response to gender violence.
  • Reflecting on activism and social participation as pillars for the citizenship exercise and sexual rights as human rights.
  • Socializing the work experience of the National Center for Sexual Education and promoting a system of articulated actions for the achievement of a collective agenda in the prevention of gender violence.

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Manuel Vázquez Seijido

President of the Organizing Committee





Dr. Ada C. Alfonso Rodríguez

Gisett Suárez Gutiérrez BA

Anabel Díaz Campos BA

Denisse Ramos Catá BA

Ulises Padrón Suárez BA


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