CENESEX launched the first course on Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Nursing Professionals

The next postgraduate course named: Methodological Resources for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in the context of action, is focused on nursing professionals, and it will take place from June 19 to 23 at the headquarters of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX). It is coordinated by Dr. C. Ana Perdomo Cáceres.

The specialist of the teaching area of the institution pointed out that this postgraduate exercise, the first one dedicated to this professional sector in the Center, proposes: “Determining tools for the development of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (EIS, Spanish acronyms) in nursing spaces”.

Theoretical aspects will be discussed on sexual education, sexual rights, ethical principles, violence, among others during the week, as well as bringing the students to the gender approach and masculinities to recognize the cultural barriers in health management in society.

Likewise, educational activities will be carried out to promote exchange and reflection in the nursing context. Teaching tools used in EIS will also be provided in order for them to identify the circumstances and to create spaces of greater equity and respect.

The announcement is still open and the applications will be received at CENESEX from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM, Monday through Friday until June 16.

Translated by Juan Felipe Sánchez García MA

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